Friday, January 20, 2012

Monash NYE GIG

Howdy Folks,
                      Well, I saw the new year in with Style this year, playing in a 4 band line up at the Monash Hotel. The bands were The Kierion McDonald Combo, Hank's Jalopy Demons, Itchy Fingers, and  myself.
 We were meant to kick off at 8pm, but with gremlins in the system, we had a 9pm start, and I was first cab off the rank. The late start was a good thing in the end, as the joint was pretty full by 9, and the crowed really dug my tunes. It was the first gig I had done a complete set with Andrew Lindsay (Pixi) on drums, and man did I enjoy that! Pixi has a real authentic 50s style about his drumming and puts a whole different feel to allot of my tunes. I'm certainly looking forward to other gigs I have lined up later in the year with Pixi backing me up!

taken just after coming off stage and cooling down outside
After my set, Itchy Fingers did a set to a very appreciative crowed, then Mr Kieron McDonald followed and had the crowed dancing
Kieron and Dave Cantrel tearing it up!

Kieron even got a visit from the guys he named a song, and album after...'The Swamp Man!'
Itchy fingers did another set after Kieron, and did the official count down to the new year.
Then they opened up  the stage up for Hank's Jalopy Demons!
Hank whipped the dancers into a frenzy with his hi energy performance

Colonel Dingo watched on as did Mrs Dingo
A great night was had by all, and it was fantastic to catch up with old friends.

 A big thank you to Terry Spiller for accommodating me, and drivingme to and from the gig!
Take care all!

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