Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greazefest 2011 Rocked!

Howdy folks! Well Greazefest 2011 is now, sadly, a thing of history. And I can safely say, it was even more fun than I had hoped it would be! It was always going to be a great time, with 2 nights jam packed with hot rockin acts and 1 full day of cars, stalls, and more bands.
After re booking flights with Virgin, and calling my flights with Tiger a dead loss, I flew into Brissy and was picked up and taken back to my great friends, Brenton, Katrina and Prudence Hill's house. These guys looked after me the whole weekend, and treated me like a king!. Friday Brenton, and I spent the day workin on his 1950 Pontiac, and 1956 Cadillac. Changin the oil, cleanin the plugs, and polishing the chrome and paint, getting them ready for the big show on Sunday
Scotty polishing the chrome on the 50 Poncho
Once we were done, we dolled ourselves up, and drove the 45 mins down to Rocklea Showgrounds for the first night at Greazer with 4 great acts. 
Miss Teresa and her Rhythmaires,
The Starliners

 the head line act from the USA Jason Lee Wilson

and the night was brought to an end by the Blazin Entrails
It was a great start to the weekend and left us all wanting more!
Saturday Brenton and I again spent the day finishing small jobs the Poncho needed done, before she had her maiden voyage to the Rocklea Showgrounds the next day. After a very late lunch, (Brenton and I forgot to eat, as we were so consumed by the cars!) we packed up, and headed into town early, so I could catch up with Pat Capocci, and his boys for a run through in his motel room, before we went on that night.
After the run through, we got ready and headed to the gig
West Texas Crude kicked the night off with a rockin Set, and really set the tone for the night!

Then it was my turn, the moment of truth! Although I've only played with Pat and his boys a couple of times before, I know how talented they are, and after the quick practice only an hour or so before hand, I knew it would be sweet, and sweet it was! I sang 11 of my own tunes off my CD to fill in the 45min set, and Pat and the boys rocked it! The huge crowed, pumped after West Texas Crude, really got into my stuff, even though most of them would never have heard it before! The dance floor was packed, the crowed went off, and after the set, I sold around 30 CDs! I can honestly say, that was one of the best gigs I've had to date!

Enjoyin myself with young Damo on Bass

Ahhh rock it!!

Singin C'mon and fight me! with Pat, Damo, and Goat
Relaxing after my set with Pat, Rusty, Jon, and Dan

After my set, was fellow Victorian, and the guru who recorded my CD, Paulie Bignell
Then to take the night home, was the headline act, from the USA,  Mr James Intveld
What a great night! one I wont soon forget! Another thing I was able to do was meet up with people who are freinds on Facebook, who I had never actually met!

Sunday we were up early, cleaned the whitewalls on the 2 cars, then headed into the Show grounds for the Sunday show. The old Poncho had a little trouble with a dodgy carby, but went very well on her first trip on Aussie roads!, and she looked mighty fine once we put her on display!
Katrina wasn't to be out done, here's her, Prudence, and the 56 Caddy

I caught up with lots of friends on the Sunday, but didn't have my camera with me, here's a shot of Pia Anderson and I taken on her phone. We are currently working on a duet together

Some of the bands I caught Sunday were Paulie and his Crazy Rhythm Boys
The Pat Capocci Combo
Dan and the Dualtones
Pia Anderson
And Rusty Pinto
After Rusty's set, we Jumped in the Poncho and hit the road back to Brenton and Katrians house, and then onto the airport to catch my flight.
And so ended Greazefest 2011
I'd like to thank Brenton and Katrina for their wonderful hospitality over the weekend, Pat Capocci and the boys for backing me on the Saturday night, and Lori Lee Cash for putting an amazing show on, and letting me be a part of it!
With the brain child of Greazefest, the wonderful Lori Lee Cash
I also want to thank those who's photos Ive used in this post, Including Brooke Orchard Photography, and Pix by Pete.
Only 358 days till Greazefest 2012, bring it on!