Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last gig for the year! (or is that first gig for next year?!)

Howdy folks!
Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year, surrounded by family and loved ones. I certainly did. I love this time of year, I get to catch up with family I often don't get to see much of throughout the year, and my 3 kids get so excited about Christmas, and cant wait for the morning after Santa has been.  This year (like every year!) they were totally spoiled by Santa, and their family.

NYE is only days away, and if your down in Melbourne, and looking for a way to bring in the new year, get yourself along to the Monash hotel at 2077 Dandenong Rd Clayton to the 4th annual, NYE Bash at the Nash!
4 great act will the rockin' you into the new year, Itchy Fingers, Hanks Jalopy Demons, the Kieron McDonald Combo, and Myself, Plus DJ Dingo will be spinnin' tunes in between the bands
This poster pretty much says it all. I hope you can get along, and if you do, be sure to come over and say G'day. If you cant, Let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy, and safe 2012!
Take care..Scotty

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My 1st gig at Matraville RSL

Howdy folks!
Again my apologies for the late post!  I had thought I'd left my camera on the plane heading back from my last gig in Sydney, but, I found where I had packed it, so I have photos to help tell the story. Yay!
Friday 11th November, I took an RDO and drove down to Melbourne, to catch a flight to Sydney, for a gig at the Matraville RSL that night.
Andrea Handford had organised this gig for me, after catching my gigs at Wintersun earlier in the year, and she had booked the flights months before the gig. Turns out, she had unknowingly booked me on an international flight both ways, which meant  I had to check in had to line up with HEAPS of people and clear customs as I departed, and  landed at both ends. I was such a drag! Andrea has promised to take more notice next time she books!
Anyway, she made up for it, by picking me up in her 56 Chev, and taking me out for dinner over looking the ocean, and then let me drive the Chev home!

After a bit of a relax at Andrea and Steve's place, it was time to dress up, and head to the RSL.
Upon arrival we caught up with my backing band, and partners in crime, Pat Capocci, Damien Lawson, and Greg Mccunn, from the Pat Capocci Combo.
Pats Old man was drivin the P.A that night, and already had it all set to go. Once Pat and the boys had polished off their quality RSL meals, they got up and did a 45 min set on their own.
As soon as they started, couples hit the floor, and by the end of their first tune, the dance floor was packed!

As The boys played, the joint began to fill with well dress folks,

After Pat and the boys had well and truly warmed the crowed up, it was my turn to hit the Stage. I was down to do 2 x45 min sets, which meant I had to fill my sets with covers, from  legends such as Elvis, Johnny, Carl, Roy, Jerry Lee amongst others.
The crowed was up for a dance that night, and were on the floor for most of the night!
It was a great night, and I'm looking forward to my next gig at Matraville RSL in Feb next year!

Andrea held an after party at her house, with friends from the night, and Steve on Karaoke!.....for quite some time! ;-)
I finally got to bed at about 3am!
At 8 in the morning, I was picked up in style from Andrea and Steve's, by my mate Georgio Rimi in his 57 Cadillac Fleetwood, and he took me to an American style diner called Harry's for a greasy breakfast!

After breaky we went cruizin through Newtown in the Caddy, man, what a ride! I've owned a couple of Caddy's in my day, and I have to say, after cruzin with Georgio, I've got a hankerin for another! I've always said I'm 'in between Cadillacs' at the moment!
After the cruise, it was on to Georgio's and Robyn Hayes' flat, to check out  Georgio's amazing wardrobe *drule* Man that guy has some very, VERY cool clothes! I'm so jealous!.
While there, and waiting on my next ride to pick me up, Georgio and I decided to have a little jam of a tune we call the 'Robyn hates this song blues'! A song he apparently plays allot! Just ask Robyn :)
Apparently it sounded better with us playing together!
My ride arrived not long after that, none less than the gorgeous Miss Pia Anderson! We bid Georgio and Robyn farewell, and headed back down to Newtown for lunch, and a quick stroll through some vintage shops, before Pia dropped me back at the airport to catch my International flight home!
Thanks to Andrea and Steve for booking me at Matraville, and to them, Pat and the boys, Georgio and Robyn, and Pia for looking after me while in Sydney. I'm looking forward to my next trip there late Feb next year!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wash up of my CD launch

Howdy folks!. Well, It's almost been a month since my CD launch on the 29th Oct, at the St Kilda Bowling club, and I'm still buzzing at how well it went .I just received a few more photos back from the night, so now i can tell you all about it!
The great flyer, done by the very talented Leah Gamble

I'd Travelled down to Melbourne the night before to meet up with Jamie 'Dingo' Suppa, and hit the town. We went along to a gig my W.A friends, Harry Deluxe and Johnny Law were putting on, which was held at a brand new venue  in Johnston St Fitzroy called The LuWow . Such a cool venue! It's been decked out in a  Hawaiian theme, and the attention to detail is amazing!
The gig was great, and the W.A musos teamed up with Melbourne's own Tyron Shaw on Double Bass, and Ray Tully on Drums, 2 muso's who feature on my CD!
It was a great way to get in the mood for the following night, and just relax, catch up with mates and enjoy watching others perform.
Dingo and I left JUST in time to catch the last tram to his place :)
Next morning, we headed out to Lardner Park in Warrigal to set up Dingo's CD stall at Johns Pick nick.
Unfortunately it rained most of the morning, and had scared most people away. After staying for lunch and catching a band or two Dingo and I decided to head back into town, and get ready for the big night.
We freshened up, and made out way to the bowling club nice and early. so we could start setting the room up.
It wasn't too long before we'd set the PA up, had done a sound check, and people started to show up.
I was so very lucky to have Kieron McDonald performing in his first gig back from living in Germany, and he was the first cab off the rank. Kieron and his band 'The Flatfoot Shakers' were a band I'd always loved to watch perform, and Kieron was the guy who introduced me to Dingo 5 years earlier, and without whom, my Cd would never have ever came about. So it was an absolute pleasure to have him start the show for me, and it was like he'd never left. He and the boys just nailed his set, and it was so good to watch him perform again.
By the end of his set, there would've been about 150 very appreciative people in the audience, and Dingo kept the crowed happy by spinning a few classic tracks, and some strollers for the girls!
By now, the Pizza's had came, the boys were fed, and it was my turn to face the music. After a successful gig at Camperdown the weekend before, we were pretty confident of a good show, and I've got to say, I think it was our best yet!. The boys played exceptionally well, the set really flowed well, I managed to remember all my words, and the crowed really seemed to dig it!
Here's a few links to footage, very kindly taken, and uploaded to youtube for me by Chrissy Magill.  Set me loose on that blonde, Broke on pay day again, Teenage boogie, Suddenly Alone
And a few photos taken by Brooke Orchard, Juliue Poulter and Kelly McDonald

C'mon and fight me!

It was great to see people singing along to my original songs, and also enjoying the few covers I slipped into my set.
After my set was done, and I got through the 2 encores, I sold about 20 CD's and was able to relax an mingle in the crowed.
With Sarah and Ross Attwell
With Kieron and Dingo. This night would never have happened without these guys
Hanks Jalopy Demons finished the night off with a crakin set of red hot rockabilly, and kept the joint jumpin till the wee hours of the morning. Hank is a quiet unassuming guy off stage, but get him behind a mic, and guitar, and he goes off! (unfortunately I've got no photos of Hank on the night)
Hank, Kieron, and the boys and I had been toying with the idea of teaming up more often to do a few shows, and after the success of this night, it'll be a certainty.
So that's it. The night was as good as I had hoped it could be(something I dont often say!)  and as I told the crowd that night, it was a dream come true to play at that venue, with those musos, and singers, to that crowd, promoting my own CD!
I'd like to say a special thank you to Rose and Chrissy for 'manning' the door for us, and keeping the non payers out! And also for taking photos and footage for me, I like to call them 'Scotty Angels' Well done girls!
Hope to see y'all at my next gig, which will be with the same line up, plus Itchy Fingers, at the Monash Hotel for New years eve
Till then, take care

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick trip to ole Sydney town

Howdy folks. Tomorrow, 11/11/11, I'll be flying up to Sydney for a gig with my ole mates, Pat Capocci, Damo Lawson, and the goat. We'll be performing at the Matraville RSL, and festivities kick off at 7-30, and entry is free. You are encouraged to dress up in '50s Hollywood glamour' style clothes, and there will be prises for best dressed.
If you're in the area, please drop in help us have a great night. And if you do, make sure you come over and say G'day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Camperdown Cruise 2011 wrap up

Howdy folks! I've been so busy with gigs, work, and fatherhood, that I'm having trouble keeping up with the blog!
Anyhoo, let's talk about the Camperdown Cruise 2011. What an amazing time!
I took the friday off work, loaded the Buick up, and hit the road. Camperdown is a 4 hour drive from Echuca, and this year I travelled alone, so was able to practice singing my songs on the trip!
I travelled through a little rain on the way, and got to Camperdown around 4pm.
 After hitting the car wash and making the Buick look pretty for the weekend, I headed into town and met up with event organiser Arthur Mats, to get the keys to my accommodation.
Shortly after that I met up with my flat mates, Harry Deluxe, singer song writer from Perth and her partner Mel, and Pia Anderson, singer song writer from Sydney, and her friend and photographer,Louise Whelan.
After settling in, and making ourselves at home, we dolled ourselves up, and got ready to head out for the night.

With Harry Deluxe about to head out

With Pia Anderson ready to hit the town, Harry and Mel in the back seat of the Buick

Lets go!

On the road! :)
With the girls on board, we headed to the Theatre Royal, to the Friday night Rockabilly show. Staring Tommy and the lucky strikes, Danny and the cosmic tremors, Harry Deluxe, Johnny Law and the pistol packin' daddies, and the Rusty Pinto Combo, what a great night!

Lets go girls, times a wasting!

All the cool people were there! In this photo from right to left, Pia Anderson, Rusty Pinto, Danny Wergzen,Pat Capocci, Damian Lawson, Scotty Baker, Kieron McDonald, Candice Deville, Leah Gamble and Harry Deluxe

Even though it was a Friday night, the joint was packed, and all the bands put on a great show. We stayed till stumps and eventually got kicked out by the bouncers in the early hours of the morning. Can you spot me dancing with the gorgeous Brooke Orchard up the back?

As I'd stayed sober, I took us back to our house in the Buick, and we finished the night of with a coffee, and a chat before hitting the sack.
Next day I got up bright and early, got my stuff together for my gig later that day, and headed into town.

Checking all was well before heading down the street

I pulled the car into a good position, near the clock tower, got the shammy out, as it had just stopped spitting/drizzling rain, and dried her off for the day. Some people though I was being optimistic, but the weather improved after I finished!

At about 11-30, I strolled up to the Commercial Hotel, grabbed a coffee, and helped set up for the gig
It was held in the indoor beer garden out the back and the room soon filled up. This was my first gig with the guys I recorded the CD with, since Wintersun, back in June, but man they were on the ball!
The music was great, and our set went down a treat!

The band stayed up after my set, and backed Hank Ferguson for his set as Hanks Jalopy Demons. Man , Hank always brings the house down! What a great set. He also got Kieron McDonald up to do a few numbers too, as a warm up for his guest appearance later that night. I ended up leaving the pub when Hanks set finished, an quickly scurried off to the markets to buy some vintage threads!

With my weekend style guru, Pia Anderson. I bought this wonderful vintage jacket, which is currently in with my taylor, being taken in to fit me better, as it's about 2 sizes too big, but when it comes to vintage, you work with what you find

Then it was back to the house to get ready for the gig that night.
I actually had to take some Panadol, as i wasn't feeling too great. Turns out with all the excitement, I had forgotten to eat all day, and my body was less than impressed! With a bit of a rest, I was OK, and I got ready and headed in early to catch Hanks jalopy Demons open the show.
Orcorse there were awsome, and the sound was much better in the room that night. Hank snapped a string in his 3rd or 4th song, so I jumped up, and gave him my guitar to finish his set. Not too long after that, Dave Cantrell snapped a string on his guitar! and he grabbed his spare to finish the set on. Here they are with Dave on his spare 'Strat' and Hank using my Guitar on their Last Song, King Kong

Well, in the break, Dave restrung his guitar ready for my set, and it was my turn to make some noise.

We had Pixi on drums for this set, as Ruy Tully had to play in another band that night. It was the first time I'd played with Pixi, and he'd never played any of my songs before, but he did a great job.

It must have been the night for it, as into my 4th song, Dave snapped another string!, Luckily I had brought my Epiphone ES295 as my spare guitar, and Dave was able to play it for the rest of my set

In my last song, you guessed it, I snapped a string! Unbelievable! Trouble was, it turned out not to be my last song, as I was asked for an encore. We decided to finish the night with Roy Orbisons, She's my Baby.
Here's a Youtube Link of that performance. Take note of the reference I make to breaking a string!
It was a fantastic night, my set was very well received, and I sold about 15 Cd's over the 2 gigs.

After that, I was able to just relax, enjoy the company of friends, and catch the rest of the great bands, which included Pat Capocci with special Guest, Kieron McDonald, Miss Mary Anne from Holland, Benny and the Fly By Nighters, and once again The Rusty Pinto combo finished the night off. What a fantastic night

With Kieron McDonald and fan

With Danny Wergzen, Kieron McDonald, and Pia Anderson

With Danny and Kieron

Once again we found ourselves to be the last to leave, and once again, the Bouncers had the tough job of getting us all out!
This time the girls talked me into driving them out to the tafe campus about 20mins out of town, where the the bands were all meeting for an after party.
We stayed on till 4am, when I decided the Buick and I were leaving, with or without the girls. Turns out, they were ready, and we got home to bed before the sun came up, just!

Sunday morning I had an early start, to meet with photographer Louise Whelan, and do a bit of a photo shoot with the Buick. She had already been up earlier than me that morning, and found a couple of good spots for some photos, here's a taste
As I my last gig was on later that night, I spent Sunday watching other other bands, and strolling through the many stalls. The weather was marvellous for just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere

Pia and I met up for the arvo, and took in some lunch at a local cafe'

With Ben lawson, father of the very talented Damion Lawson, Double Bass player for Pat Capocci
Later that night was the Grand finale, with a Pat Capocci and freinds jam session at the Commercial hotel.
It was an amazing night of music, with Pat and his band doing a few numbers, and backing other artist, like Danny Wergzen, Harry Deluxe Miss Maryanne, Pia Anderson, Rusty Pinto, Johnny law, and Myself. We all did a small set of 4 or 5 songs, and at the end, we had an impromptu all in jam, singing old favourites like Folsom Prison Blues, and 'Peace In the Valley.

Photos from my set with Pat's band

Danny and Rusty were 'helpin out' with some harmony, so I started to include them in the lyrics of my songs, gave them a laugh anyway!

Danny tearing it up in the all in jam

more all in jam photos

I also had heaps of fun chatting with friends, dancin with some of them! and just soaking up the atmosphere, A great night was had by all

With Rusty, Harry, and Pia

Harry and her partner Mel

With Dingo from Press-Tone records and Ben Lawson

With Rusty, Harry, and Johnny Law, acting up!
 Another very late night, and to bed just before the sun came up!
Pia and Louise left at 5am to drive back to Sydney Monday morning, Harry and Mel had left and went onto Melbourne by the time I got up. And I hit the road to home at about midday, getting back to Echuca at about 4pm
What a fantastic weekend Camperdown is, and it just gets bigger and bigger. I cant wait for next year. Well done to Arthur and his crew for putting this great event on, and all their hard work, and thanks for letting me a part of it !
It was a great warm up for the band and I for the big gig we had the following Saturday., But that's for another Blog!

Hope to see you at a gig soon!