Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Street Machine Photo Shoot

Howdy folks!
A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be shot for Street Machine Magazine! Shot with a camera lens that is! Taking aim was the extremely talented Chris Cooper, who is a freelance photographer, who sometimes does work for Street Machine.
It was always gonna be a tough shoot, as I was working on the day, and could only spare an hour or so for the shoot. Also Chris had to travel quite a way, from Albury, and the powers that be at Street Machine really wanted the shoot done that day, rain, hail , or shine, as it had to make the upcoming addition.
Turns out, it was not rain or hail, but shine.....which actually, isn't too great for photos, a bit overcast would've been good.
That being the case, Chris did an amazing job, and I'm quite happy with the final product.
Here's some of the shots taken on the day.

A mate of mine reckons I've got a pick up line for life, now that sentence has made print!
Simon Telford wrote the article, after a very brief phone call, and I'd have to say he did alright! The only correction needed, is my Charger was a 72, not 74....72's were much cooler!
If you download the free 'viewa' app, you can wave your iPhone over the page, and watch a video made to go with the article. Pretty cool what they can do with technology these days!
That's all for now, thanks for stoppin' by.
Y'all come back now!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine Review

Howdy folks!
A while back now, I had a fantastic CD review published in the very cool Car Kulture deluxe Magazine. The CD review was written by the very well respected DJ, and music critic Del Villarreal.

 It was an absolute privilege to read Del's very kind words about my music, and I'm very thank full for the magazine publishing the review. It all helps get the music out there!
Take care ya'll!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick catch up on 6 gigs!

Howdy Folks!....yes, yes, I know!...Months have gone by, and so have plenty of gigs, and I haven't blogged about any of them!!... Please refer to the last post...I'm hopeless at keeping up!!!
So the plan is, to do a quick catch up, with little in the way of commentary, and let the photos do the talking!
Speaking of photos, I always have trouble getting photos of gigs, as, naturally, I'm on stage! So I really rely on you guys taking shots, and emailing them to me (scottandsen@aapt.net.au) or by looking me up on Face book, and tagging me in them. Its your photos that make this blog interesting!
Right, so the last gig I blogged about (3months ago!) was the MoonDoggie reunion gig. Allot has been going on since that gig.
Back in May, the boys from 'Hank's Jalopy Demons' and I flew up to Mount tambourine, Brisbane, to play at the "Garterbelts and Gasolines' gig.

We played on the Sunday, outside at the Hot Rod Show. It was quite a hot day, and we flew in, and were driven straight to the gig, where we had to get on almost straight away! I had just enough time to get changed, and comb the hair! Phew!

Tearing it up with Dave Cantrell (Guitar) Snappy Vex(Bass), and Pixi (drums)
Dave 'The KIid' Cantrell shredding it up!

on a sunny day, sunnies are required!
After my set, Hank Ferguson, who flew up with us, did a set with 'Hanks Jalopy Dermons'

After catching Hanks set, I was able to catch up with some mates who live up that way :)

With Ramona
With Katrina anf Vicki
After the Sunday night show, we all went back to Ray and Chrissy Keepence's house for an after party. We stayed up playing music with my guys, and the guys from 'The Feulers' till 4am!

Dave cutti' sick, at 3am!
Candice and I enjoying the show
Unfortunately, there was no sleeping in that morning, as we had to catch a bus at 7am, to take us to the airport. Needles to say, it was a pretty quiet trip to the airport, and the flight home was a good chance to catch up on some sleep!

I was booked to play Wintersun this year, but had to pull out due to illness, so my next gig wasn't until  June 30th, playing at the Wickham Park Hotel, Rockabilly Festival, in Newcastle

This was the second time I played this festival, ran by Pat Capocci, and the pub, and it was just as fun this year as the last, which was 2 years ago.
I drove up with Dingo (Jamie Suppa) and just the road trip with him is always very, VERY enjoyable! We both have the same sense of humour, so we crack each other up the entire trip! Which is handy, as it makes the 9 hour drive go fast!
I say it was fun, but actually, I was crook all that day, and as it turns out, just after my gig (I was on last) I had a full blown migraine come over me!...Not that many people could tell, I was popping pills all afternoon, just hoping to stay upright for my gig! Ah the joys of being a performer!
Not many photos of this gig
Dingo's stall, Dingo's hiding behind his sign, doing a deal with Arthur Matts, from the Camperdown cruise

Could this be the cause of my illness that night?!
hiding in the corner
Now that Caitlin has your attention! I'm hiding up the back with Dingo!
With Caitlin, Elyan, and Olivia
And with a bit of smooth talking, I made a sale!
I'd like to thank all the generous people who gave me their Aspirin, Panadol, and Nurofen tablets that night, in order that I could see the night out! I literally lasted until my last song, then I had to go rest in Dingos car, and try not to vomit! Bloody Migraines!
Luckily I recovered for the road trip home, so I was able to enjoy Dingo's humour!

The following weekend, July 7th/8th, I performed in Sydney, at the annual, 'Swing verses Rockabilly gig
This was a fun event. It was held in an old factory, done out like a theatre, with a big room up stairs, and a small one down stairs. The whole idea of the show was to see if the crowed liked the Rockabilly, or swing bands best. They had the Rockabilly bands upstairs in the big room, with a huge stage, which seemed funny to me, as the swing bands were bigger, with more members!? But I wasn't complaining, we loved the big room, and the sound was awesome!
On the big stage with Pat Capocci (guitar), Damion Lawson (bass) and Goat (drums)
Where the hell are we up to!?
After my Set, I had every intention of going down stairs to catch the Swing bands, but I was lovin'.... the Rockabilly acts so much........that, and the scenery was pretty good upstairs too!
How pretty are my mates! with Olivia, and Caitlin
Just as Caitlin and I were heading for a dance
Another fun night in ole Sydney town! I'm enjoying seeing more of Sydney each time I play there

Speaking of Sydney, I was back 2 weeks later playing at a 50th birthday of a dear friend Lee Cordon
This surprise party was more than a year in the making, and I was booked to play almost a year in advance!!!
I normally don't play Parties, or weddings...its just too hard playing for such a diverse group of people, allot who might not be into 50s Rockabilly, but Lee, and her Hubby Steve, are totally into the scene, as are all their friends, and family! So this gig was just like playing at a Rockabilly festival!!
I was one of only 3 bands playing that night, the others were Pat Capocci, and Wes Pudsey and the Sonic Aces.
I knew it was gonna be a special night, as soon as our 'limo' pulled up to take us to the party.

The party was held upstairs, in a private function room, at a local workers club, a very swanky joint indeed

I love catching up with the Sydney crowed when I can, here's a photo of Ben Lawson and i, for all you people who think I only get my photo taken with pretty girls!! :)
A healthy bit of 'Bromance' going on here with Ben!
The cupcakes were to die for, ask Pat and Danny!


My trurn to perform for the birthday girl

With the birthday girl! :)

Steve, and Lee, doin' a little strollin'

Giorgio and Robyn cuttin' the rug!

Great job Steve! Great party, best part was, Lee had no idea at all that there was a surprise party being planned for her! :)

It was a great night, and best of all, Lee was totally surprised by her surprise party!  Yes yes, thats the point I know, but often the secret gets out right? not this time.
Next day, after lunch at a local pub, Steve and Lee ran us back to the airport in Steve's newly airbaged 59 Ford Edsel

6 of us travelled to the airport in Steve's 59 Ford Edsel

Check out that cool speedo! And the push button auto, in the centre of the steering wheel!

Getting dropped off at Sydney airport. Just 20 Min's after this photo, the Edsel ran out of petrol, as the gauge doesn't work!! Lucky we got to the airport before it ran out!!! Steve was able to get a mate to bring him a Jerry can, to get him back on the road!

OK, this next gig was a big one for me...Greazfest!! My second as a performer!
As I had played the Saturday night last year at Greazefest, the plan was for me to play this year Sunday arvo, outside in the oval, with the cars, stalls, etc. Then the week before the show, a band pulled out of the Saturday night spot, and Lori Lee very kindly promoted me to the vacancy! Woo Hoo! I love playing Saturday night at the Greazer!

Again, I stayed with Brenton, and Katrina Hill this weekend, and it started with Brenton and I taking his 64 Chev Panel Truck on the Saturday cruise to a local pub. Both Brenton and I had never been on this cruise before, so we thought we'd tag along

Unfortunately, on the way home, the old trucks gear linkages decided now was a good time to finally pack up! Consequently, we had to drive all the way home that afternoon without 1st gear! Ride the clutch? you betcha!

caught up with Olivia again at Greazefest, man she goes to ALL the gigs!

Another Brisbane mate, Ramona

Greazefest is easily the biggest Rockabilly festival in Australia. I guess you could say it's our version of 'The Rockabilly Rave' in England, or 'Viva Las Vagas' in the USA. So it's a huge deal to play there at all, let alone the Saturday night along with the international acts, this year from the USA, was the 'Planet Rockers'

Another great thing about playin at the Greazer this year, I was able to team up with my old mates, and amazing muso's Dan Nosovich (lead guitar), and Jon Flynn (bass) These guys are both hero's of mine, and are surely 2 of the best muso's in Oz, so it's a privilege to share the stage with them, and have them playin' my tunes!

The boys regular drummer, Marky, had to pull out at the last moment, as his pregnant wife went into labour! But we were lucky to have Mitch Humphrys fill in!
ready to take off!
After an amazing set with these guys, it was time to relax with mates, and enjoy the rest of the bands!

a great shot of 'the boys' after our set. With Jon Flynn, myself, Dan Nosovich (mouth wide open!) and Mitch Humphrys

With Mick Martin (the bearded one) and one of his mate
At the end of the night, my friends, Brenton, and Katrina Hill, took me back to their place for the night. I always stay with those guys when I can, when up Brisbane way, it's like a home away from home!

Next Day, we travelled back to the showgrounds in Brenton's 64 XM Falcon coupe. She only got a run because the 50 Pontiac, and 55 Cadillac were both off the road getting work done on them, and the Chev panel truck was in no shape to take after the cruise the day before!

I had my Gig out on the main stage in the showgrounds that day at midday, and boy was it hot in the sun!
A tropical look for a hot day!
Playing to all my fans!
Playin' Mitch's guitar, after mine broke a string, Thanks Mitch!
I had an amazing weekend at Greazefest this year, staying with great mates, catching up with other mates, and playing to huge crowed of Rockabilly lovers! My idea of heaven!!

The last gig I've done recently, that I have any photo's of, was in Sydney, at an historic house, called 'Rose Seidler house' This house was designed by the famous architect from the 50's Harry Seidler. Every year, at this property, they have whats known as the '50s fair'
It's chock-a-block full of very well dressed people, enjoying the house, music, and stalls, all stocked with original 50s clothes, furniture, kitchenalia, and brick-a-brack (no reproductions allowed)
It was my first visit to the 50s fair, although, I'd been wanting to get there for years, as I've heard very good reports.
The Rechords, from Melbourne, and I were the two bands for the day, and once again, Pat Capocci, and his boys backed me up.
It was a gorgeous day, and the people turned out in droves!
huge crowed!
In the background id the historic 'Rose Seidler House'
The Rechords doin' there thing
Waiting with Pat before we got on

It was so much fun, playing to the 50s fair crowed. Soooo many people there, on such a beautiful day, the atmosphere was amazing!

My turn to hit the stage with the boys. Goat couldn't be there to play drums, so we had Bruce Dunlop, from Wes Pudsley's Sonic Aces fill in for us. Great job Bruce!

Relaxing with DJ 'Limpin' Jimmy' after my set

Another happy customer!

The look of a contented ( and relieved!) Singer! Jobs all done, and its time to catch the plane home.
So that's the end of my 'Blog catch up'! That gets us up to date! I did play at a '35th anniversary of Elvis' death' gig at the Gem , in Collingwood, Melbourne the weekend before the 50s fair, but no photos were taken that night. Shame..it was a fun night!
So thanks for droppin by to catch up on the latest news. I'll catch you next time you drop by!
Y'all come back now, ya hear!