Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last gig for the year! (or is that first gig for next year?!)

Howdy folks!
Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year, surrounded by family and loved ones. I certainly did. I love this time of year, I get to catch up with family I often don't get to see much of throughout the year, and my 3 kids get so excited about Christmas, and cant wait for the morning after Santa has been.  This year (like every year!) they were totally spoiled by Santa, and their family.

NYE is only days away, and if your down in Melbourne, and looking for a way to bring in the new year, get yourself along to the Monash hotel at 2077 Dandenong Rd Clayton to the 4th annual, NYE Bash at the Nash!
4 great act will the rockin' you into the new year, Itchy Fingers, Hanks Jalopy Demons, the Kieron McDonald Combo, and Myself, Plus DJ Dingo will be spinnin' tunes in between the bands
This poster pretty much says it all. I hope you can get along, and if you do, be sure to come over and say G'day. If you cant, Let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy, and safe 2012!
Take care..Scotty

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My 1st gig at Matraville RSL

Howdy folks!
Again my apologies for the late post!  I had thought I'd left my camera on the plane heading back from my last gig in Sydney, but, I found where I had packed it, so I have photos to help tell the story. Yay!
Friday 11th November, I took an RDO and drove down to Melbourne, to catch a flight to Sydney, for a gig at the Matraville RSL that night.
Andrea Handford had organised this gig for me, after catching my gigs at Wintersun earlier in the year, and she had booked the flights months before the gig. Turns out, she had unknowingly booked me on an international flight both ways, which meant  I had to check in had to line up with HEAPS of people and clear customs as I departed, and  landed at both ends. I was such a drag! Andrea has promised to take more notice next time she books!
Anyway, she made up for it, by picking me up in her 56 Chev, and taking me out for dinner over looking the ocean, and then let me drive the Chev home!

After a bit of a relax at Andrea and Steve's place, it was time to dress up, and head to the RSL.
Upon arrival we caught up with my backing band, and partners in crime, Pat Capocci, Damien Lawson, and Greg Mccunn, from the Pat Capocci Combo.
Pats Old man was drivin the P.A that night, and already had it all set to go. Once Pat and the boys had polished off their quality RSL meals, they got up and did a 45 min set on their own.
As soon as they started, couples hit the floor, and by the end of their first tune, the dance floor was packed!

As The boys played, the joint began to fill with well dress folks,

After Pat and the boys had well and truly warmed the crowed up, it was my turn to hit the Stage. I was down to do 2 x45 min sets, which meant I had to fill my sets with covers, from  legends such as Elvis, Johnny, Carl, Roy, Jerry Lee amongst others.
The crowed was up for a dance that night, and were on the floor for most of the night!
It was a great night, and I'm looking forward to my next gig at Matraville RSL in Feb next year!

Andrea held an after party at her house, with friends from the night, and Steve on Karaoke!.....for quite some time! ;-)
I finally got to bed at about 3am!
At 8 in the morning, I was picked up in style from Andrea and Steve's, by my mate Georgio Rimi in his 57 Cadillac Fleetwood, and he took me to an American style diner called Harry's for a greasy breakfast!

After breaky we went cruizin through Newtown in the Caddy, man, what a ride! I've owned a couple of Caddy's in my day, and I have to say, after cruzin with Georgio, I've got a hankerin for another! I've always said I'm 'in between Cadillacs' at the moment!
After the cruise, it was on to Georgio's and Robyn Hayes' flat, to check out  Georgio's amazing wardrobe *drule* Man that guy has some very, VERY cool clothes! I'm so jealous!.
While there, and waiting on my next ride to pick me up, Georgio and I decided to have a little jam of a tune we call the 'Robyn hates this song blues'! A song he apparently plays allot! Just ask Robyn :)
Apparently it sounded better with us playing together!
My ride arrived not long after that, none less than the gorgeous Miss Pia Anderson! We bid Georgio and Robyn farewell, and headed back down to Newtown for lunch, and a quick stroll through some vintage shops, before Pia dropped me back at the airport to catch my International flight home!
Thanks to Andrea and Steve for booking me at Matraville, and to them, Pat and the boys, Georgio and Robyn, and Pia for looking after me while in Sydney. I'm looking forward to my next trip there late Feb next year!