Sunday, November 17, 2013

Howdy folks! Well its been over a year since my last blog post, so clearly I'm not  a blogger at heart!
But never fear I now have a new website, which i update regularly! You can order CDs and Tee shirts, and keep up to date with upcoming gigs...
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 gigs, one outfit..well, almost! Longford Tasmania, Camperdown Victoria, Adelaide South Australia

Howdy folks! Once again, I've let a few gigs go by before I've caught up on the blog.... I'm tellin' ya, I'm no blogger!
Anyhoo, I'll make this as quick and painless for us all as possible!
The last 3 gigs I played were fun, as I guess they all are in allot of ways, but I really enjoy how my singing takes me all over the country to places I've never been.


Early in October I played a couple of gigs over a weekend in  northern Tassie, in a town that has a long history of  grand prix car racing, called Longford.
Once again the 3 amigo-billies, being Kieron McDonald, Hank Ferguson, and I were booked to play for the weekend, with Dave Cantrell, Snappy Vex, and Andrew Lindsay (otherwise known as Hank's Jalopy Demons) backing us up.
We played the Sat night in the local pub in Longford, which had a small, but very vocal and happy crowed

Kieron McDonald, Hank Ferguson and I with Arthur Matts from Caperdown, and Daz from Taz!

 The main gig was Sunday arvo at a fundraiser for Camp Quality called, Rock n Rodz.

It wasn't a huge turn out of cars, I'd guess 400ish? But there were plenty of people there, and although the weather had been crook leading up to the day, we couldn't have asked for a better day.
I've only got a few photos from my set, taking my freshly bought, original 1950's western suit (that I'd bought especially for the upcoming Camperdown cruise) for a spin!

This kid was tough to impress!

We all had a great time away, and Longford is a very pretty town, in a gorgeous part of Tassie. Thanks to Dave and Wendy for putting a great show on, and having us over!


2 weeks later, just enough time to dry clean the suit, was the now infamous Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekender.
This event has easily become the biggest, and best Rockabilly weekender in Victoria, and one of the best in Australia. Event organiser, Arthur Matts, stops at nothing to put on a memorable show, and he's got people coming from all over Australia, and New Zealand coming to enjoy themselves. Not only that, Arthur books the best bands from all over Australia, as well as International acts for his show. Truly the cream of Aussie rockabilly were playing that weekend, with bands such as 'Miss Teresa, and her western rythmares' (QLD)

Dan and the Dualtones,(QLD)

West texas crude,(QLD)

Jon Flynn's knights of sin,(QLD)

 The Starliners, (VIC)

 the Stringbusters,(VIC)

Hanks jalopy Demons, (VIC)

the Pat Capocci combo, (NSW)

 Warren Earl and the atomic rockers, (VIC)

 the Kieron McDonald combo,

 (VIC) the ReChords, (VIC)

 Danny and the Cosmic Tremors,(NSW) 

Sonyta and the Incinerators, (VIC)

and ofcorse me! (VIC)

But also this year there were 3 international acts, Charlie Hightone from Spain,

Almon Loose from America,

and the Go Getters from Sweden.

I was supposed to do 2 gigs on the Saturday, at 2pm, one at 9-30pm, but I'd been sick leading upto the weekend, and on the day, I could tell I'd not have enough voice to get through both gigs. That being the case, I pulled out of the 2pm gig, and saved the voice for the much bigger show that night.
Pat Capocci and his boys backed me for my set, and I'd have to say, it was the best set we've played together yet!. The atmosphere in the old Theatre Royal, was fantastic, and the room full, even up in the balcony. The sound was great on stage, and out the front, and the boys did an awesome job of my songs.
I was lucky enough to have Shannon Djordjevic from Flaked Kustom Photography taking shots of my set, and the pictures turned out as awesome as the set!...Enjoy!

I guess from the photos you can see I'm having fun?
I was also lucky to find out later that a couple from Perth, Josef and Celia Netolicky, from Perth Rocks, had caught a few of my tunes on video. Heres some links to a few of the clips on youtube

Cry Cry Cry

Daddy O Rock!

Set me loose on that blonde!

50 Buick

Not Today!

Camperdown is most definitely one of my favourite gigs to play at, and each year it's getting bigger and better....Great work Arthur!


Early November Kieron McDonald and I travelled over to Adelaide to meet up with Pat Capocci and the boys for the Deuces Wild Rockabilly weekender. Although we weren't playing until the Sunday arvo, we got there Saturday, so we could catch the gig the night before. The Saturday night gig was huge, held in a warehouse, with hot rods/classics parked all around it in the car park. The weather was warm, and the bands loud! it was a fun....late night, and I got to have a cruise in a beautiful 57 Buick owned by the equally beautiful Paula Rowe

The Sunday gig was an early starter, 1 pm, but I was on last at about 8pm, and Kieron earlier at 4, so there was no rush to get there.
It turns out, most of the punters must have burned them selves out the night before, because the Sunday gig struggled for numbers all arvo!
That being said, those who came out, had a fun day, it was more a intimate, informal gig, which can be just as fun

Not a huge crowed, but still a fun gig, and it was great to catch up with mates I don't see much of!

with Lee, Paula, and Steve

Watching the other bands with Paula
 So that it folks! Up to date! Yay! I've only got one more gig this year, but I've got other stuff I'll be back, telling you about really soon
Thanks for stoppin' by, hope you enjoyed the read.
Take care, and Y'all come back now, Y' hear?!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Melbourne's Beat Magazine Article

Howdy folks!

Just a quick post to share a link to Melbourne's Beat Magazine, that did an article on me in the latest addition.

Link to Scotty Baker article in Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine is a free Mag that you'll often find just laying around for anyone to read, in local cafe's and eateries. It's got all the upcoming gigs in Melbourne of local bands, stories about upcoming local/Victoria wide festivals, as well as articles on interesting acts from burlesque, to rockabilly me!

I've done heaps of interviews in my day, and have found that I've been miss quoted, or the 'jurno' just makes stuff up!, but not Zoe Radas, she did a great job!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Street Machine Photo Shoot

Howdy folks!
A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be shot for Street Machine Magazine! Shot with a camera lens that is! Taking aim was the extremely talented Chris Cooper, who is a freelance photographer, who sometimes does work for Street Machine.
It was always gonna be a tough shoot, as I was working on the day, and could only spare an hour or so for the shoot. Also Chris had to travel quite a way, from Albury, and the powers that be at Street Machine really wanted the shoot done that day, rain, hail , or shine, as it had to make the upcoming addition.
Turns out, it was not rain or hail, but shine.....which actually, isn't too great for photos, a bit overcast would've been good.
That being the case, Chris did an amazing job, and I'm quite happy with the final product.
Here's some of the shots taken on the day.

A mate of mine reckons I've got a pick up line for life, now that sentence has made print!
Simon Telford wrote the article, after a very brief phone call, and I'd have to say he did alright! The only correction needed, is my Charger was a 72, not 74....72's were much cooler!
If you download the free 'viewa' app, you can wave your iPhone over the page, and watch a video made to go with the article. Pretty cool what they can do with technology these days!
That's all for now, thanks for stoppin' by.
Y'all come back now!