Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twilight Rockabilly show

Howdy folks!
Just a quick post to tell how the Twilight Hot Rod show went.
Well, as you heard, the Hot Rod show was postponed because of all the rain Brissy had, but we still got together and had the Rockabilly show, at the Morningside RSL.

Once again I was looked after, accommodated, and driven around by my good friends Brenton and Katrina Hill, and before the gig, Brenton dropped me off to meet up with the boys in the band  for a quick run through.

I was very excited to be playing with 2 guys I've long admired from the Brisbane rockabilly scene, Dan Nosovich, and Jon Flynn. These guys have been in some smokin hot rockabilly bands over the years, and I'd spent many a night admiring their talents at previous 'Wintersun' and Greazfest' festivals. It really was a dream come true to play with them. Along with their mate Mark on drums, the guys had learned my tune perfectly, and the practice was a cracker!
I got ready at Jon and Mimi's house, then it was off to the show
Bands were 'Regular Gonzales', 'The Mayhem County Boys' West Texas Crude' Myself, and 'The Vampers', and the crowded were diggin the bands
After the great practice a was very confident the gig would go well. Unfortunately, I broke a string in the second song!!!! A broken string really throws you as it makes the guitar hard to play, because your fingers keep feeling for the string. So it's fair to say I was a little put off by that. None the less, we soldiered on, and had a great night with an enthusiastic crowed

Like I said, it was a dream come true to perform with these guys, and they played my tunes to perfection!
Thanks goes out to the boys for their work learning my tunes. To Brenton and Katrina Hill, for the fancy digs, and limo service, and to Lori Lee for putting the show on, and for not cancelling it when she could see the Hot Rod Show needed to be postponed because of the rain.
Here's hopin I get the chance to play up in Brissy on a sunny day next time!
Thanks to Pix by Pete,  Lori Lee, and Brenton Hill for the photos