Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CD well under way at last!

Howdy folks!

Well, Ive just come back from a very productive weekend, recording a heap of new tunes for the up comin' CD! I had originally hoped to record, and release on the famous Melbourne record label, 'Preston Records' but unfortunately we weren't able to get a good enough quality recording, although we tried many times at GREAT expense to me!(it cost me a whole lot more than money!) It seems all the very cool old valve recording equipment Graeme Thomas has there has fallen into disrepair, and needs a major overhaul. So with that life long dream shattered, we had to look elsewhere to record.

Luckily, Dingo from Press-Tone music, had heard that Paulie Bignell, the lead guitar player from the famous Detonators, had been having great success recording in his home studio. So once again I organised the very talented guys from Melbourne's 'Straight 8's' to jump on board, and off we went to Paulie's and started the whole thing all over again!
First we re-recorded  most of the first sessions from Preston, and then moved onto a new bunch of original tunes. I'm very happy to report, that the end result is fabulous! All the songs still need final mixing, and mastering, but things are still looking good for a release later this year for a very big gig I have! But I'll leave that detail for another post!
So 4 years after embarking on this CD, I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel! I'm hopin' you'll all think it's been worth it!

Keep posted to hear when the CD is available!


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