Monday, June 21, 2010

Upcoming NewCastle Rockabilly Festival

Howdy Folks!

O.K. This time I'm finally on the ball. I'm gonna tell ya about a gig BEFORE it happens! (Radical idea I know!)

Thanks to uncle Dingo(Jamie Suppa) of Press-tone Records I'm starting to land some great gigs!

The next one is up north (or down south depending where you live!) in Newcastle.

I'm on the bill with 5 other rockin' act's who hale from up that way. Pat Capocci, Ezra Lee, Danny and the Cosmic Tremors, The Twilight Rhythm Boys, and Miss Leah and the Automatic Boys.

DJ Jamie Suppa will also be helpin fill the night with rare rockabilly in between acts.

Festivities start at 3pm and go through till midnight. With this line up, it should be a fantastic night of original rockabilly, and cool covers!

So if ya can, make sure you get along bright and early, cause your not gonna want a minuit!

And make sure ya make yourself known, I'd love to say G'day!



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