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Quick catch up time!

Howdy folks!

Wow, I've been so busy with gigs, young kids, and rendering my house, that I've fallen waaaay behind with the ole blog! Add that to the fact I like typing about as much as having my finger nails pulled out with pliers, and any wonder I'm way behind!
Anyhoo, in order to catch up, I'm gonna let the pic do most of the talkin for me in this post. Starting from my first gig after the Twilight Rockabilly festival in Brisbane on the 28th of Jan, till my latest gig on the 24th of March, at the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival, Enjoy!

Back in late Feb, on the weekend of my birthday, I had a couple of gigs in Sydney, backed by my ole mates from the Pat Capocci combo. On the day of my birthday, Feb 23rd, I flew into Sydney, was taken straight to Star city Casino to perform in their 'Rocklilly' room. While I got changed, and shaved (in the toilets! 'rock n roll'!!!) Pat and the boys hit the stage
Once Pat, Damo, and Greg warmed the crowed up with 2 smokin' hot sets, then it was my turn to hit the stage
Thanks to Robyn Hayes and Georgio Rimi for taking these photos on the night. Here's another they took while I was on stage!

Was a great night at Rocklilly. Not allot of 'Rockabilly's' there, but the modern punters who were there really dug us!

Next night, it was onto the Matraville RSL. Although I saw plenty of cameras taking photos that night, this is the only one I got, of Kelly Duclos and I

I had an amazing stay in Sydney that weekend, was shown the sites, and was thoroughly spoiled by my Sydney friends. I'm very much looking forward to my next gigs up there!
Eating desert at a chinese Yum Cha Resturant with Georgio Rimi and Robyn Hayes (behind the camera!)

The very next weekend (first weekend in March) I had 4 gigs at the Bright R.I.O (rockabilly, ink and oil) festival. It was my first appearance at this festival, and I was backed by the wonderful musos, and great guys from Hanks Jalopy Demons
My first gig was Friday night, and the big ole echoing basket ball stadium was the venue!
Poor George on the sound desk had a tough night keepin' the sound respectable, as the stadium was so echo-y, but we got there in the end, and he did a great job!. Kieron McDonald, and Hank Ferguson played that night too, giving me a chance to dance with the ladies!

With Ramona Cachinero

Next day, I was meant to play outside in the street, but allas, the predicted rain came rolling in, and well and truly set in for the rest of the day. Thus, we were moved into the pub. Which turned out great actually, as we had a 'captive' audience, and the atmosphere was great
Photo by Anna Key

Photo by Anna Key
That was a real cracker of a set, I always enjoy pub gigs

I wasn't playing again till Sunday morning, so I went out and enjoyed other bands that night (while it still bucketed down)
Next day, again we were moved inside, this time a small hall, as it had been still raining on an off all morning.
It was a cosy venue, but a great gig!

After catching the other bands, checking out the stalls, and catching up with mates, It was time to hit the Porpunka pub for the Sunday night finale'
'The Convertibles' kicked off, then Hanks Jalopy Demons, followed by Kieron McDonald, and I finished the show off, the last performer of the weekend.

 There's no doubt the rain kept allot of people away from the whole weekend, but the hard core rockabilly's came and had a great time

A fortnight later I had another big weekend, starting on the Friday night, as a support act for American act, 'Big Sandy, and his fly right boys'  at the Lucky 13 Garage'
Kieron McDonald was also on the bill as a support that night too.
I kicked the night off at 9ish. It was my first gig at the Lucky 13 Garage, and to be supporting Big Sandy, was very exciting

photo by Anna Key

with Bonnie Rose

With Ayr Loxide, and Brian Lake

Model, Scientist, Gangsta, and mate Ayr Loxide

with Big Sandy

Kieron Takes the stage

Big Sandy, and his Fly Right Boys take the night home
I was very honoured to play that gig, and it was a fantastic night. A very cool gig indeed! 

The very next night, back in my home town of Echuca/Moama The 3 Amigobilly's Hank, Kieron and I were booked to play at the Rich River Rod Run, and again on the Sunday morning on the oval
Sat night we were crammed on the tiny stage at Rich River Golf Club, and I was 1st cab off the rank.

So little room on the stage we had to put the fold backs,on milk crates and mic stands on the floor!

The pressure was on, as this rod club had always only booked Rock n Roll or Cabret' bands, and some of them weren't sure Rockabilly bands who perform original songs would go down well. But good mate of mine Trav Owen was very instrumental in getting us booked, and it paid off!. My set was extremely well received, and I sold a record 20 CDs that night, and a total of 30 for the weekend!

Kieron McDonald was next to hit the Stage, and the locals were very impressed!

Then after a short break Hank Ferguson took to the stage to take the night home, and man did he tear the place apart!

The president of the rod club came and saw me after the show, and said in the 20 year history of the club, that was the first night people stayed and danced till the very end! They were very, very happy! Yay!

Next morning we set up on the back of a truck on the oval, and entertained the onlookers there to check out the display of cars. Hank took the honours first

My 50 Buick parked next to the stage on the carpet like grass


                                              I was next to perform to the onlookers

unfortunatley I haven't got any photos of Kierons final set, as i was busy putting sunscreen on my kids!
The whole weekend was a huge success, not only for us muso's, but for the Rod Run, with fantastic weather, and a huge turn out of cars. Thanks for having us Rich River Rod Club!

The last gigs in this busy time was the following weekend at the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival
Once again My old mates from the Pat Capocci combo backed me, but this time we were joined by the extremely talented Rusty Pinto from Perth
We were booked to play the Saturday night as the Rockabilly all stars at the local workers club
A group shot outside the club after loading in. From Left to right, Pat Capocci, Scotty Baker, Rusty Pinto and Damien Lawson. Greg McCunn (the goat) wasn't there yet, as his car had broken down on the way!
                                            The night was a sell out, and I was first up
                                 They were a happy, dancing, type of crowed, and they dug my tunes.
                                  While the crowed was in a good mood, Pat got up and did his thing!

                              While Pat was working his magic on stage, I was meeting the locals!

         The time had come for Rusty to take the stage, and steal all the girls hearts! Man can that cat sing!

Rusty's always a hit, with his natural rockabilly, early Elvis style voice, so I like it when he finishes a show, who wants to follow him!?
Well this time, as the night was a huge success, we were asked to all come on stage together for an encore! Jamin' with Pat and Rusty over some Elvis, and Johnny Cash songs = heaps of fun!

Next day Rusty and I were down to play in the street, what we didn't realise was they meant for us to play with no band, no mikes, and no amplification! They wanted us to basically busk! I'd never done that before! They wanted Rusty to play in one spot, and me about 50 meters up the street from him, but we decided we'd work together and sing harmony for each other.
We made the best out of a tough situation, and even made up a couple of impromptu songs. One about the pie shop next door, called 'Finger pie', and the other was inspired by a passing pretty girl who's dress was caught by the wind, and blew up, that song was called 'Blow wind blow!'

doin' it old school in front of the real estate shop!
Dancin' in the streets!
This girl claimed the baby belonged to Rusty! Check out his face! "What, What! I didn't do it!"....kidding!
Noelene on the left, and her hubby really looked after me that night, with a place to stay, and she ran me to the airport the next day! And Andrea on the right was a fantastic CD sales girl, selling heaps of Cd's for Rusty and I. Thanks girls!
We started to feel like a tourist attraction when people wanted their photo taken in front of us a-la the big banana! 
It was a great weekend, and it was heaps of fun catching up with Pat and the boys again, and also spendin' time with my Western bro, Rusty Pinto!

So that's it! Phew! it's been a busy few weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing more of my kids for the next few weekends, and getting some more rendering of the house done, before the next lot of gigs start!
Take care guys, and thanks for readin'!

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