Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camperdown Cruise 2011

Howdy Folks!
Well, I cant believe 12 months has passed since the last Camperdown Cruise, and cruise 2011 is almost upon us!

Last year was sooo much fun! I went along in the 50 Buick with my mate Trav Owen, and both of us thouroghly enjoyed soking in the atmosphere, with the beautiful tree lined main street of Camperdown, aptly named 'Manifold Street', totally chockers with cool cars, pretty girls, and great rockabilly!
This year promises to be at least double in size, with organiser (and my good mate) Arthur Mats confirming people and cars, will be coming from all states of Australia, and even New Zealand!
 I'll be performing Saturday lunch time at Maddens Commercial Hotel, backed by the boys from Hank's Jalopy Demons

And then again with the boys Saturday night at the big rockabilly night in the historic Theatre Royal
Sunday night, Pat Capocci is hosting a jam night, and I'll no doubt get up and help out where I can!
If last year is anything to go by, Sunday should prove to be massive, with the entire centre of town taken over. The layout of the centre of Camperdown is perfect for an event like this, as there are 2 duel carriageway roads in Manifold st, separated by a massively wide medium strip, and clock tower in the centre. The medium strip is taken over by great stalls, and there is a stage set up at the clock tower for the bands. And traffic can keep flowing through town, as one road is left open, with the other set aside for displaying the cool rides.
Accomodation is probably all booked out by now, but if you fancy a day trip, either Saturday, or Sunday would be a great day to come and look around.
 And if you stick around to see me playing at either of my gigs, make sure you stop by and say G'day!

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