Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Press-tone Rockabilly Volume 4

Howdy Folks! I'd like to bring your attention to a new release, by 2 friends of mine, Pat Capocci and Rusty Pinto. When it comes to Aussie Rockabilly, these are 2 of the coolest, talented guys who are currently on the scene. Pat is a gifted young singer/songwriter who hails from Newcastle, but now spends allot of his time in Sydney. I first met Pat about 6 years ago at the Wintersun festival, and was amazed at his skill on the guitar. And his writing style has very much (for a fellow song writer) to be very envious of. From ball tearin' rockers to sweet melodic tunes, Pat's got a handle on it. I've shared the stage with Pat a couple of times over the years, and he and his band will be backing me once again at this years Greazfest.

I first saw Rusty Pinto playing at Wintersun about 5 years with his then group, 'The Drag Strip Trio' and I was absolutely blown away! This young cat has the voice of a young Elvis (again, I'm very envious!), and when playing live, he can really cut loose! I remember him ending up on the floor of the stage at that Wintersun gig, still playing his guitar, whipping the crowed into a frenzy!
Rusty hails from Perth, and has a regular gig at a venue there called the Mustang Bar. Rusty and Pat have just returned from a tour together throughout Europe, and from all accounts, they were a hit!

This CD, Press-tone Rockabilly Volume 4,  is a fantastic album bringing 2 of our best Rockabilly acts together, and it  features 7 self penned tunes from each of the guys. And if you you're paying attention, you'll even hear yours truly doing a backing vocal for Pat on track 7, Uppercut!
This album is yet another fine release by Dingo @ Press-Tone Music, and was recorded by the same talent man who recorded my CD, Mr Paulie Bignell @ Hailstone Studios in Melbourne.
Be sure to grab yourself a copy of this CD, available, like mine, though Dingo Records, contact Dingo @ dingo71@hotmail.com Or by contacting the guys on their websites, here's the links Pat Capocci andRusty Pinto. Be sure to catch both these guys performin at this years greazfest, I know you're gonna be glad you did!
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